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The people behind Creditor Approved are passionate and motivated about helping others with their financial uncertainties and bring clarity to the approval process.


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Our Devoted Team

We strive to build a platform that helps others navigate the vast landscape of finance by creating Creditor Approved. On this platform we hope to end the guessing and frustration behind applying for credit while also preserving inquiries to in-turn preserve credit scores.

Mark Simonson – Founder

Electrical and Computer Engineer and credit card nerd. Passionate in entrepreneurship and creating solutions to everyday problems.

Alissa Peterson – CoFounder

Accounting and Finance M.S. Passionate about helping others reach their finance goals.

Michael Colider – Designer

Passionate about web development and web design. Enjoys making products and services addicting to use and beautiful to look at.

Financial Institution Spectrum

The some of the major banks we include on our platform.